In 1997, Joelle Sportès feels ready for an encounter with the public and organises her first exhibition, Around the word in 25 painting at the gallery "Entre Ciel et Terre" near Geneva.


Vivid hues of blue and green prevail on the twenty-five canvasses which take the visitors around the world. From place to place, a subtle thread is woven. Behind the luxuriance of tropical vegetation, the gaze makes out a furtive and invisible life, while the sobriety of a Moroccan courtyard, inhabited by silence only, similarly stirs up a memory of secret things.


Whether she paints the opening of a sea horizon, the contemplative mood of a domestic place, or the streaming lights of an anonymous metropolis, Joëlle Sportès always gets to the intimate.


Such scenes once again demonstrate Joëlle Sportès taste for the luxuriance of a nature which is never fully domesticated, no matter how close to us it gets : lurking shadows arouse anxiety ; the gaze is crushed by the dark masses of mountains or shrubberies, while the opacity of a low sky hangs on the water.


It is against such oppression, such uniformity that the delicately declined transparency or vividness of the painter's shimmering hues is to be measured.

- Galerie Entre Ciel et Terre, Thônex - octobre 1997

- Expo-cocktail, Maison Onésienne, Onex - novembre 1998

-  Europ'ART Genève-Palexpo - avril 1999

- Ateliers Portes Ouvertes des Artistes de Genève - avril 1999

- Villa du Jardin Alpin, Meyrin - avril-mai 1999

- Rencontres Int. d'Art Visuel Art Lavaux, Vevey - septembre 1999

- Salon des Indépendants, Espace Effel-Branly, Paris - octobre1999

- Galerie Espace Penta, Forum Park Hotel, Cointrin - février 2000

- Galerie Chez Cartier, Versoix - octobre 2000

- Salon Int. Artistique de Haute-Loire, Puy-en-Velay - août 2000

- Galerie Ferme Sarasin, Le Grand-Saconnex - mai 2003

- Villa Dutoit, Genève - juin  2003

- Kreiss Opticiens, Genève - 2004

- Galerie Communic'art, Paris - Février 2006

- Galerie de l'Arbr'Espace, Aubonne - Octobre 2014

- "Supermarché de l'Art" d'Annemasse le 4 juin 2016

- "Salon des Artistes de France Sud-Est" - Ambilly - octobre 2016